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  2. Sunil A says:

    Very excited about this documentary!

      • Nassar says:

        Hi, I loved the documentary trailer. I have deep personal quest to find out more, as my family origins are from Iran/fghanistan/North Pakistan.

        Please can you add me to any mailing lists via my email. Or could you supply me with details where I can register.

        Best Regrds,

      • Nassar says:

        Hi Anastasis,

        Thanks for the reply, just out of interest are you male or female? Not trying being nosey just interested as I think it is encouraging to see more females in the forefromt pf research.


  3. vikii kapernaros says:

    Would it be possible to see this via cyberspace?

  4. Audio Field Recorder says:

    Well done – obviously a lot of hard work went into making this documentary.
    ps. your sound file ‘could not be found’.


  5. Marianthi Skaloubaka says:

    Awesome! Πές μας πότε θα το δούμε.

  6. Love it, this information regarding cannabis and soma, is set to cause a revelation in religious scholarship!

  7. jackcutterswine says:

    I’m highly anticipating this documentary. I’ve been fascinated with this area of the world for a few years now and I hope to travel there soon. It was actually a dream that led me to become interested in Turkmenistan, and then Zoroastrianism and Mithraism, excarnation on “Towers of Silence”, and believe it or not the Classical Element of Air in Alchemy. Great timing!

    • 20-Eyes-in-my-Head says:

      How peculiar my interest in this subject was sparked by a dream I had 4 years ago. A elaborately dressed bearded man in a chariot pulled by white horses thundering from east to west. The chariot had fire scorching the ground from which came flowers,grass,and fine weather. It led me to Hvarekhshaeta . Eventually it led me to here. Mind you the further I get the less I know 🙂

  8. ek_ladki says:

    Looking forward to seeing your documentary!

    i learnt about the archaeologist Victor Sarianidi from the BBC/PBS documentary – the Story of India and was very intrigued by his amazing work in Turkmenistan. The trailer looks great and wish you all the best!

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  10. David Smith says:

    Gonur Depe is an amazing place and Victor Sarianidi’s books make compusive reading. I was blown away by my visit there. Imagine – a 5th world civilisation still unknown in the west. Try to go there before the conservation and reconstruction lunatics take ove the site and destroy its magic.

  11. Theodoros says:

    Is it near completion or is it cancelled? An official update would be very nice! It looks like a very crucial civilization and a very mysterius religion!

  12. Ken Kakaako says:

    Visited Gonur Depe in May 2007 with small group from UK and had the great good fortune to meet with Viktor Sarianidi. Filming this amazing site must have required unusual stamina as well as all the other skills requisite to such a project. Will there be a DVD available eventually?

  13. ganesha says:

    Dying to see this film. Maybe a web-release with a donation button?? DVD release??

  14. leo says:

    where i can watch this film fully ?

  15. I like this website it tells us the deserts lol rite

  16. Tom Gianino says:

    I am very interested in the bmac. Ever since I was a kid. 50yrs ago when I saw pyramids in books in the public library, I studied the Persian empire for two or three years.( on the internet) Tom Gianino

  17. jake says:

    where can i find black sands to watch? im in the uk and cannot find it anywhere online 😦

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