Gonur Tepe

The excavated monumental complex of palaces and temples

Gonur Tepe is the largest of the more than 200 Bronze Age sites that have been identified by the Margiana Archeological Expedition,  led by Victor Sarianidi,  in southeastern Turkmenistan  where the ancient delta of the Murgab River used to flow. It represents a unique monumental complex of palaces and temples marking the administrative and religious centre of the ancient kingdom of Margus (Margiana). It occupied a strategic location which enabled the regulation of the water supply affecting the whole kingdom. Gonur Tepe is comprised of separate complexes, the largest and oldest of which is North Gonur, a monumental well planned palace and temple complex that dates from 2300-2250 B.C. To its west lies a large necropolis while towards the south an unfinished religious centre (the temenos) had began to be constructed.