Protection of the camera


Two Peli cases protected most of our gear

Travelling and working in the desert using sensitive professional  equipment such as video cameras, sound recorders etc exposed to sand and heat is always a cause of concern. We employed a few top quality airtight cases and bags that protected most of it from exposure to too much sand. Imagine having your only camera damaged just at the second day of shooting. We travelled in open space trucks into sand storms and extreme temperatures. Even within our dwelling the sand was seeping through the window gaps and under the doorway. All in all there was no foolproof method of avoiding the continuous exposure to dust. After a few days of shooting you could hear the camera’s focus and zoom mechanism scratching hard within the lens. It was frightening to hear, but fortunately it kept on functioning within its normal range as did the rest of the equipment. Back in Athens the guy who cleaned the camera collected a teaspoon of genuine Karakum sand.


Solar panel

Electricity was only available  when the generator was turned on, usually briefly in the evenings. To recharge batteries we used a customised solar panel that we had wisely brought with us.


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