Anastasis Agathos (director-cinematographer):

Ioanna Phokas (producer):

Tatiana Karapanagioti (producer):


5 Responses to Contact

  1. John D'Anna says:

    I am interested in purchasing either a DVD or a blue-ray English language version of this film and want to know when it will be available. I am also writing an article that touches upon Dr. Sarianidi’s discoveries. I would like to contact him to receive permission to use a photograph from his book, Margiana and Protozoroastrism and wonder if you have contact information so I may write him. Thank you for your assistance.

    • anastasis321 says:

      Thanks. All the information about the distribution of the film will be published here in this blog, including information about the dvd. I ‘ll send you by mail contact details. I’am also interested about your article when u finish it.

  2. sam says:

    How can I obtain a copy of black sands. I’ve tried emailing but I get no reply.

  3. Per Daniel Sörenby says:

    Hi Anastasis,

    I would be interested in getting a copy of this documentary what do I need to do and who to contact?

    Best Regards

  4. To,
    Anastasis Agathos

    Dear Anastasis,
    Please let me know how i can obtain a DVD of Black Sands. Further more i have a query. I was watching a BBC documentary where they mentioned Dr. Viktor Sarianidi had discovered Ratha (wooden chariots or wagon). I was wondering if that has any connection with the Ratha (chariots) mentioned in our epics like Mahabharata. Can you email a picture of those ratha (chariots). AWaiting a prompt response.
    Thanking You,
    Yours Faithfully,
    Sudipto Mitra

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